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Inspected Once, Inspected Right.

What does that mean? Well, in reality, you have only one chance to inspect the property you are interested in buying. So, leave nothing to chance.

Inspecting is more than fancy equipment and flowery language. It is far from the gimmicks that some inspectors are throwing in as "free services" to try and garner your business.

The bottom line is that none of it has anything to do with an inspector's true ability to go through a dwelling on any given day, and for a finite amount of time, and inspect.

Gimmicks have little to do with that inspector's competency or ability to effectively communicate to you, the Client, both verbally and in writing, what is right and wrong with what will likely be the biggest investment of your lifetime. Your Inspector absolutely needs the ability to effectively communicate the results of the inspection, in a real-time conversation with YOU, and via written report.

The TRUTH is that your Inspector needs the education and experience to know what to look for, and interpret what he or she sees. The inspection process should be structured, with meaningful observations. Most would believe this is an automatic, and that licensing ensures this. To a degree, perhaps, but licensing only sets a minimum level of competency and little more. All inspectors are not created equal. Conside this when choosng an inspector.

Above everything else, your Inspector should be EXPERIENCED, and HONEST.

What does this mean?

EXPERIENCE means that the Inspector should have met some verifiable benchmark of education and number of inspections performed. Joe Farsetta has performed thousands of inspections, and has both taken and taught hundreds of hours of courses, throughout US and Canada.

What is HONESTY? Well, it begins with an Inspector who realizes who he or she serves. In the case of performing an inspection, this starts and stops with the CLIENT (You !).


This concept is paramount. But with Joe Farsetta, it goes BEYOND the inspection, and includes what happens to the persnal information collected long the way. This is why he has signed the

Advanced Professional Services is owned and operated by
Joe Farsetta (aka: InspectorJoe), a

Joe also serves as the Director of Professional Development, and as the Chairperson of the Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. InterNACHI is the World's LARGEST Inspection Association, with over 10,000 members in North America, alone.

In NY State, your Inspector also needs to be LICENSED.
Joe's license number is 16000010384

Inspectors should TAKE THEIR TIME, and never be rushed. After all, it's YOUR purchase and YOUR money. Likewise, you should NEVER feel rushed by the Inspector.

Every inspection is performed with care by Joe, himself. Joe cuts no corners in his quest to provide a truly quality inspection for all his clients.

Joe Farsetta is also a licensed eduactor in several states, and teaches the art and science of Home Inspections here in NY State, and across the US and Canada.

Ask yourself...
Would you want your inspection performed by the student,
or the TEACHER ?

Many of the courses Joe teaches count toward required Continuing Education Units within the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and toward licensng requirements here in NY State.

Joe has been featured on CNN's Open House television show, and has been featured on several episodes of NACHI.TV

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