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Commercial Property Inspections are a reality for any investor or business owner entering into a contract to purchase or lease a commercial space.

Commercial inspections come in all shapes and sizes. They range from simple storefronts, to delis ad restaurants, to warehouse space, to mechanics shops. They can range from the simple to the complex. From multi-family dwellings of more than five units to an apartment building. The engagement may even include equipment. The Client is in total control as to the ultimate Scope of the Engagement.

Some leases stipulate that the new occupants are responsible for virtually EVERYTHING but the physical walls. Depending on the terms of the lease, roof, electrical, and heating/AC systems may all be the responsibility of the leasee.

Why take chances? The last thing a business erson needs to worry about is a leaking roof or a heating system on its last legs. Signs of deferred maintenance on a lase or purchase can signal real problems in the near future. Again, why take chances?

If you are entering into a cntract to purchasde or lease Commercial property, have an inspection performed.

We follow the ASTM Commercial Buiding Property Assessment guidelines, which are custom tailored for the needs of the Client.

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