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How long will the inspection take?

The time needed to complete a thorough property inspection varies greatly. Factors such as the age of the home, general condition, type of foundation, inquisitive home buyers, excessive clutter, weather, and more can add considerable time spent at a property. Homes less than 1200 sq ft on a slab foundation take much less time than a 2700 sq ft 100 year old home with a basement and accessible crawlspace. An average minimum time spent for a home inspection is approximately 3 hours, and there are times when more time is needed to complete a thorough inspection. It is hard to tell how much time will be needed prior to reaching the home, and starting the inspection. Of course, the more questions asked, the longer the process. But dont worry... we wont complain or ignore your questions. Our duty is to you, the Client.

Will I be allowed to tag along during the inspection?

You bet! Home buyers are always welcome during the home inspection. For most people it is hard to be present during the entire inspection. Sometimes people come toward the end of the inspection so that I can review the report and answer any questions they may have, others choose not to come at all and just wait to read the comments in the inspection report. Whether you attend the inspection or not, I am available to answer questions you may have after the inspection either by phone or email. These details can be worked out when we set the date and time of the inspection.

What happens of the house fails the inspection?

A home inspector does not “pass" or "fail” a home. The inspection and subsequent report is intended to give you a better understanding of the property you have agreed to purchase. While the report could bring up typical maintenance concerns as well as more significant structural or safety issues, most purchase agreements only make provisions for major structural defects or major safety issues. Your real estate professional will help guide you through the process after the inspection report is delivered.

When will I be expected to pay?

Payment is requested at the time of the inspection. I realized that occasionally circumstances make this difficult; however arrangements should be made when the inspection is scheduled regarding payment. We accept cash and certified checks.

How many people can come to the inspection?

Please limit the number of people attending the home inspection. Understand that this is not your home yet, and we need to be respectful to others property. Children must not be left unattended, and damages caused by you or your guests will be your responsibility.

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