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Mold is present in virtually every dwelling. The real question is HOW MUCH mold is present? The other question is WHY is mold growing in the first place?

Mold cannot grow without food and moisture. It is actually considered a wood destroying organism, believe it or not. So, testing often involves more than opening a petrie dish and lettng it sit for a few days to see what grows. Using this type of methodology almost certainly guarantees that SOMETHING will grow. After all, mold is all around us andwe bring it into our homes everytime we walk through the door.

Mold analysis is more than species identification. It involves relative sampling, comparing a baseline measurement to samples taken indoors.

Allergens and Common Particulates can also cause health problems. Insects, including cockroaches and bedbugs, can cause allergic reactions. Mice feces may carry viruses. Dust mites can cause rash-like symptoms. Pet hair, and especially pet dander, can cause a variety of reactions. Man-made vitreous fibers, including fiberglass in the air, can cause skin and lung irritation. Problems resulting from pollen are a given to many hay-fever sufferers. Any of these items can infiltrate the home, and even be circulated via heating and air conditioning systems.

Sometimes, its just a matter of
Testing for All The Right Reasons , and we are there to help.

We are affilliated with
Healthy Living Environmental, which performs a variety of IAQ (indoor air quality) services. These services go beyond mold, and include looking for allergens.

Check them out at, or just ask us!

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