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A pre-listing inspection is a useful tool for Sellers to help establish the general condition of a home prior to listing it for sale.

Not to be confused with a Comparative Market Analysis or Appraisal, the pre-listing inspection will help identify those items which will likely be discovered durng a Buyer's inspection.

With one major difference... when the Seller has this done, there are fewer surprises to contend with after you have an accepted offer. Defects that have already been identified, or even instances where systems or components are old, can be planned for, and the drama of unplanned negotiations mitigated.

When one thinks about the time and effort (and MONEY) some take when it comes to "staging" a home with plants and furniture to help make the space more pretty or inviting, a pre-listing insection only makes perfect sense.

Remember, even when a home is "staged", the Buyer will likely still insist on having an inspection performed. So, all the plants and fresh paint in the world will not hide a defective roof, or old heating system. These will likely need to be dealt with after the fact.

Why wait for surprises?

Also, think of the powerful message having a professional inspection report available for Buyers to see, in advance.

In instances where defects are identified in the report, and the Seller has the situation repaired or replaced, we will update the report to reflect the improvement at no additional charge.

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